Build power plants and become Energy Sector Tycoon

  • Create Your own Empire

    Build power plants and genarate energy for entire country.

  • Become an Energy Sector Magnate

    Sell power, make more money, buy more land ...

  • Control heat production

    Don't let your building burn in fire.

  • Continous redesigning

    Redesign your buildings and make better profit.

  • Idling mechanic

    Earn resources even if you are offline.

  • iOS and Android

    Download Reactor from Apple Appstore or Google Play Store.


  • Reactor

    20 types of buildings

    20 types of buildings - including Wind Turbine, Solar Panel, Generator, Coal Burner, Gas Burner, Nuclear ReactorFusion Reactor and others.

  • Reactor

    10 maps

    With 10 maps to unlock and play, you will always have your hands full.

  • Reactor

    Stellar research system

    Research new technology, buildings, upgrades and more.


Do you want to create your own reactor and generate energy for an entire country? Or maybe you want to harness the electric power and sell it for a profit? Reactor allows you to do that and so much more in one of the most intense and one of a kind strategy games that you have ever played.

The premise in Reactor is very simple, you have to create power plants and generate as much electricity and heat as possible all while keeping everything under control and converting it into a lot of money. You will have to start off easy, with the help of small wind turbines that will generate a little electricity, enough to get your business going.

Then you have to focus on getting stuff like offices and more turbines, solar panels, generators, coal burners, and in the end you will have the ability to create your own reactor, be it a nuclear, thermonuclear or fusion reactor, something that is very important to keep an eye on. Reactors are by far the best if you want a great return on investment but they are also the less stable and you have to manage heat as they can easily become unstable.

With more than 10 maps to unlock and play, you will always have your hands full as you will try to figure out the best way to make insane profits and obtain a stellar result. You can play it safe and run a business that brings less but stable amounts of money, or you can check out alternative methods that are riskier but with a better return on investment.

Reactor is an astounding idle game, one that manages to bring in front extraordinary gameplay moments and stunning opportunities. It’s very fun to play and you can easily use it as an idle game, because resource production will take place even as you go away, which is even more exciting.

In Reactor you have all the power in your hands and it all comes down to you to make the right choice and take this one of a kind gameplay mechanic to new heights. With incredibly fun gameplay, nice mechanics and interesting choices, Reactor is the ultimate game that you want to play. A sheer combination of strategy, idle gaming and perfect unlock system, Reactor will help you spend your time wisely with amazing moments and a stellar outcome.

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